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Week 4
podfidic_mod wrote in podfidic
Welcome to week 4 of podfIDIC!

This is the last week of the challenge, and we thought we'd give you a little time to catch your breath and play with all of the characters and fandoms who may have been percolating through your mind. :)

If you want an extra challenge (totally optional!) we invite you to remix previous weeks' seeds. See what happens when you take a little from Seed 1 and a bit from Seed 3, or if you take your fanworks from Seed 2 and do a mashup with Seed 1. Play with it! Intercut lines, mix up seeds, see what happens with characters go from situation A to situation B -- the world is open, and you have complete creative freedom!

We've reproduced the most open versions of the seeds below. If you do decide to play with the remix challenge, post your fanwork to all of the collections for the Seeds from which it draws (Seed 1 AO3 Collection, Seed 2 AO3 Collection, Seed 3 AO3 Collection).

Have fun, and we'll see you this weekend for the posting of the master list!

Seed 1

[Character] accepted the cup of tea and took a sip. "That's an unusual choice."
"I thought you might [reaction] it."
[Character] [action].
They looked at each other.
"It tastes a bit like [flavor]."
"Yes." [Character] [action]. "I thought it was [description], considering the circumstances."
[Character] [action].

Seed 2

[Character] rounded the corner and saw [Character] coming from the other direction.
“I really didn’t expect to see you here.”
“Why not?”
“Because [reason].”
"Want some company?"
They kept walking and saw [a third character] hurrying down the sidewalk.
"Hi [Character]. This is [Character], my [something]."
[Character] nodded, but [they] didn't stop to chat. "Sorry, I'm late to [event]!" [They] rushed off.
"Did you have to lie?"
"Was I lying?"

Seed 3

[Character] sat beside the brook and let [subject] tumble through [their] mind. Perhaps it was a mistake, [pursuing course of action], but [they] couldn't see a better choice.

[They] pulled a book out of their bag, running [their] fingers over the cover. It fell open to a much-read passage, and [they] tried to immerse [themself] in the familiar words.

However, [they] failed, and what-ifs kept running through [their] mind. What if [Character] was right, and [alternative course of action] was the correct one? What if [Character]'s course of action was the best one, but there would still be dire consequences like [(dramatic) consequence].

[Character] closed the volume. No, [they] decided, [course of action] was the best thing to do, and [they] were going to do it. [They] tucked the book back in their bag and stood up [adverb]. It was time.


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