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Seed 3
podfidic_mod wrote in podfidic
Welcome to podfIDIC's third seed script!

This week's seed has but a single version; if you'd like the greater support of a seed with all the blanks completely filled in, check out Seed 1: Version 3. If you'd like a medium between the structure of Seed 1: Version 3 and the flexibility of the current seed, check out Seed 1: Version 2 and Seed 2: Version 2.

The seed is intended to be a starting point from which you can build, not limits to fence you in. You are free to change all of the blanks or none of them; to add, remove, or alter any of the words (even if they are not blanks); and to build from the seed in any direction. To see some of the possibilities, check out Seed 1 | Seed 1 AO3 Collection and Seed 2 | Seed 2 AO3 Collection.

[Character] sat beside the brook and let [subject] tumble through [their] mind. Perhaps it was a mistake, [pursuing course of action], but [they] couldn't see a better choice.

[They] pulled a book out of their bag, running [their] fingers over the cover. It fell open to a much-read passage, and [they] tried to immerse [themself] in the familiar words.

However, [they] failed, and what-ifs kept running through [their] mind. What if [Character] was right, and [alternative course of action] was the correct one? What if [Character]'s course of action was the best one, but there would still be dire consequences like [(dramatic) consequence].

[Character] closed the volume. No, [they] decided, [course of action] was the best thing to do, and [they] were going to do it. [They] tucked the book back in their bag and stood up [adverb]. It was time.

Once you've created a fanwork based on the seed, we ask that you upload it to the podfIDIC: Seed 3 collection at AO3. The collection will remain unrevealed until Saturday, Jan. 24 at 6:00 pm EST. At that point it will be revealed and Seed 4 will be posted.

However, if you're still creating, that's awesome! The collection will remain open for new works until Jan. 31 at 12:00 pm EST, at which point it will be closed and the Master List of all fanworks created for podfIDIC will be posted.


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